Types of door coatings: what to choose?

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If you are at the stage of renovation when it is time to choose interior doors, you first need to consider which finish will be most durable and reliable. After all, every homeowner probably dreams of having a slab that remains aesthetically pleasing for a long time.

Our doors catalogue features varied designs, finishes and fillings, so you can always find the perfect solution for any project.

Indeed, all door characteristics are essential (from the slab size to the hardware colour), but in this article, we’ll consider the types of door coatings and their advantages.


Wear-resistant enamel extends the product's life, protects the closet from scratches and retains its original colour:
Arvika Polar White interior door

Arvika Polar White

At the factory, a painting robot applies European-made enamel to the door slab in several layers so that the surface is perfectly smooth.

The enamel coating combines synthetic resins, polymeric substances, colouring pigments and varnish. The texture feels like natural wood. This material is resistant to external factors, including high indoor humidity, temperature fluctuations and UV rays. A door coated with enamel will look as good as new even after 5-10 years.

The shade of interior doors usually matches the colour of the walls or flooring. If you like accents, you can choose a brightly painted slab with a decor.


3D wood grain is an innovative eco-friendly material with a heavy texture and colour of natural wood species.
Alba Gray Oak Interior door & Leora Gray Oak Interior door

Alba & Leora Gray Oak

The main advantages of 3D wood grain include resistance to mechanical damage and moisture, attractive appearance, affordable price and a wide range of colours. This finish is suitable for all interior styles.


Other types of door coatings
In addition to the types mentioned above of interior door finishes, the following materials are also commonly used: laminate, PVC film, veneer, eco-veneer and CPL plastic. Each has pros and cons. So consider this when choosing doors for your home or office building.

The VRC Baltic range includes the most practical finishes: enamel, 3D wood grain and primer. Primed doors are available in our Smart Invisible/Reverse Pro collection. They are installed flush with the wall.

Several factors influence the choice of an interior door:
  • Its installation location.
  • Client preferences.
  • The financial capacity of the customer.
  • The presence of children and pets in the home.
Quality doors are a long-term investment for your house or flat. For this reason, we recommend choosing slabs coated with a durable finish.