InterIOR doors: 3 types of door filling

Interior doors are essential in every home, flat or office. They zone the space, have a decorative function and create a quiet atmosphere with no background noise. When choosing door panels, many people look first and foremost at their design. However, the quality of the material also plays a decisive role in whether or not the door will last. We only use environmentally friendly fillings that are harmless to human health and the environment:
  • Solid wood.
  • Honeycomb core.
  • MDF panels.
This article discusses the main differences between these materials.

Honeycomb core

Honeycomb core is a material used in doors that have become popular due to its relatively low price. It is made of pressed cardboard with many hexagonal-shaped cells, resembling a honeycomb in a section. This filler is environmentally friendly, inexpensive, lightweight and has a long service life, making it ideal for interior doors.

Solid Core

Arvika Polar White interior door

Solid Core

Solid Core is a highly advanced insulating material that boasts a density of 12.5 lb/ft³. It is a modern, innovative door filling that provides thermal and acoustic insulation. Unlike many other materials, Solid Core is manufactured using environmentally-friendly components: conifers, polyurethane, harmless resin and paraffin emulsion.
This type of door filling has the following advantages:
  • Organic composition.
  • Soundproofing.
  • Heat insulation.
  • Moisture resistance.
  • Ability to resist temperature changes.
It also doesn't rot or decay, making it the ideal choice for when durability is paramount. Our solid wood doors are dense and highly robust, ensuring a longer service life.

MDF panels

Stile and rail doors embody the finest European craftsmanship, offering exceptional quality, beauty, and durability. They are constructed using linear lumber pieces assembled into a single structure, ensuring high performance and functionality.

MDF panels use linear pieces of lumber assembled into a single structure, making them reliable and long-lasting. They are resistant to mechanical damage and moisture and absorb noise. MDF panels are lightweight, making it possible to install doors even in doorways with small wall thicknesses.
To ensure your interior door's longevity, pay attention to the inner filler when selecting it. VRC Baltic uses eco-friendly materials such as honeycomb, solid wood, and MDF panels to manufacture their doors. If you have any queries about the best interior doors available on the market, our experts can guide you in purchasing the right door for your space.