Door buying guide:
what to consider when choosing an interior door

Whatever happens, an interior door should never be an impulse purchase. So the most popular query is how to choose one. Here is an easy-to-understand internal door-buying guide for you.

Door sizes

Because the door must be an aesthetically pleasing interior object as functional as possible, it is essential to correctly size the door frame, slab and architraves.
The following data tables show all the possible sizes of doors manufactured by our company.
1. VRC slab width
2. VRC slab height
3. VRC door frame and L-casing sizes

Core type

Our factory uses only high-quality and environmentally friendly materials as door filling. So let's take a closer look at the benefits of each.
1. Honeycomb core.
Honeycomb core is a material used in doors that have become popular due to its relatively low price. It is made of pressed cardboard with many hexagonal-shaped cells, resembling a honeycomb in a section.

2. Solid Core.
Engineered Solid Core is a highly advanced insulating material that boasts a density of 12.5 lb/ft³. It is a modern, innovative door filled with thermal and acoustic insulation.
3. MDF Panels
Stile and rail doors embody the finest European craftsmanship, offering exceptional quality, beauty, and durability. MDF panels use linear pieces of lumber assembled into a single structure, making them reliable and long-lasting.

For more information on all variants of door core, go to our article "VRC Baltic internal doors: 3 types of door filling". ADD LINK HERE


Alba Gray Oak Interior door & Leora Gray Oak Interior door

Della Bianco Noble

When choosing an interior door, the design of the slab is usually a decisive factor.

We ensure that your home or office is always in harmony, which is why our range offers many models with different designs to suit every room style. For example, in the online catalogue VRC you will find doors with a mirror, glass, strips and veneered oak inserts.

Door finish

Quality doors are a long-term investment for your space. For this reason, we recommend choosing slabs coated with a durable finish.
In short, pay attention to the quality of the door first, and only then choose the shade and decor of the leaf. Also, remember that the door is an element of the interior that has to fit the size of the rough opening to fix it securely and use it comfortably.