VRC Baltic offers a wide range of built-in closets to choose the suitable model for you, your needs and the interior of your flat or house.
The advantages of VRC built-in closeTS:
A closet is one of the most significant pieces of furniture, so the overall appearance of the whole room will depend on it.
  • Large capacity + space saving
    Our closets don't require much space, so that they can be installed in a small room, including a narrow hallway. The space-saving sliding doors hide your belongings behind them.
  • Modern design
    The visual characteristics of closet doors are just as crucial as this furniture piece's functionality. Thanks to the decor, it will become an ornament to your home.

    Closet doors are available in different variants, which vary in the following features:
    • Finishes: enamel or 3D wood grain.
    • Opening system: swing or sliding.
    • Decorative elements: stripes or frosted glass inserts.
  • The best quality/value ratio
    A built-in closet is considerably cheaper than a conventional one of similar dimensions because it does not have back and sides walls, floor and ceiling panels.
Also in our catalogue, you can find modern wardrobe doors. To freshen up the interior and visually enlarge the space, we recommend choosing doors with glass that will look aesthetically pleasing.
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