Kremona 2

The Kremona collection features concise models of neoclassical interior doors. They have a shallow two-stage mill, which gives the slabs a unique elegance.
To visually enlarge the space and "freshen up" the flat, the Kremona door is a perfect match. The embossed panels will be a light accent in the interior, while the strict form will emphasise the versatility of use. That's why the Kremona is particularly popular.
To allow you to enjoy the silence, the MDF panels and Solid Core provide soundproofing and help to keep heat inside.
To ensure that the door's surface is perfectly smooth, we use a high-quality, hard-wearing enamel for the finish. It creates a durable and scratch-resistant coating that is unaffected by moisture.
The Kremona doors are ideal for kitchens, children's rooms, bathrooms or public buildings.
Technical Info

Technical Info

Construction: Flush

Glass: No glass

Height: 2000 mm

Widths: 600/700/800/900 mm

Thickness: 40 mm

Finish types: Enamel