The Smart Invisible uni pro collection (the doors with the concealed door frame-system) is a blank canvas for creativity because once installed, the slab can be painted the same colour as the walls, wallpapered or finished with plaster. 
The invisible door can also be used as an accent piece for those who like contrasts.
The reinforced door frame is made of anodised aluminium, which provides reliable protection against mechanical damage and corrosion.
The jamb fits walls with 116-130 mm (4-9/16’’– 5-1/8'’) thickness.
If the hinges are on the left-hand side, the knob on the right-hand side and the door opens towards you, then this is a left-hand outswing door. And vice versa, respectively.
This door's unique construction allows for install the door "flush to the wall". The minimalist and simple design is in line with the latest market trends.

  • No jambs
  • Discreet shadow gaps around doorways
  • No distracting architraves
  • Seamless door finishes
  • Stay in tune with your minimalist aesthetic style
  • The most inconspicuous design possible

Construction: Invisible

Glass: No glass

Height: 2000 mm

Widths: 700/800/900 mm

Thickness: 44 mm

Finish types: Enamel